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One thing is for sure. If you’ve been a mother for very long, you know the definition of these words, "stressed out." As a mom, you’ve likely had more than one opportunity just today to practice its meaning. You know, drained over the never-ending schedule, unsettled over the well-being of the children, unnerved over your own emotions, feeling deficient and likely overwhelmed. You feel like your brain has too many tabs open. Amen? Where can a mom turn to shut out all the noise and find a deep sense of inner peace? What happens when we lean on the character of God while in the midst of the frenzy? How can we go from frazzled to unfrazzled in the matter of a minute?

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September 17 - October 8


Current Study: Frazzled

September 17 – October 08 , 2017 | Delivered to your email inbox, Sundays @ 5pm
Pam Kanaly

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