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  • A Thankful Heart is a Healthier Heart

    considering the impact gratitude has on this organ called the heart – that is, looking at a wider outlook on life that involves noticing and appreciating the positive aspects of our world.

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  • A New Twist on a Common Tradition

    Holidays are rich with family traditions, but they don’t have to be routine and boring. Give some extra consideration to the traditions in your family and think creatively as to how you can spice them up this year to strengthen the ties that bind you together.

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  • The Single Mom and Holiday Loneliness

    Loneliness can be a difficult wilderness for single moms. It’s hard enough during ten months out of the year, but in the months of November and December, it reaches new heights, much like an out-of-control toothache.

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Pray for Joy

From the stage the pastor prayed for joy in our homes. That struck a nerve with me. I get caught up in the chaos of work, raising four sons, managing a household and desperately trying to plan meals that are a step up from macaroni and cheese. It seems there’s always a very long ‘to-do’ list, a pressing ‘to-go’ list and never a shortage of things on my ‘to handle’ list. Where do I have time to fit JOY into the equation?

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People Pleaser

On the people pleaser scale of 1-10, I’d place my own dot on the “9” spot. People pleasing is deeply ingrained in my habits as well as my personality type. My entire life I’ve wanted others to like me. I cared about what they thought. I attempted to meet their expectations. I wanted to be perceived as nice. I wanted to be accepted.

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What Do You Do with Panic?

Fear has a unique ability of pushing us over the edge into a ridiculous tizzy. What starts as an innocent concern (Where’s that cough drop?) can instantly be transformed into a wordless darkness of worst-case scenarios playing over and over in our mind. What we need in moments like those is the wherewithal to trust God above the havoc. It was Jesus who spoke to the violent waters on the Sea of Galilee and commanded them to be still. And it’s the same Jesus in our daily circumstances who waits to calm the waves of our greatest fears. All we have to do is bring HIM into the drama.

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