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  • Asked and Answered

    I’m not the only one of us who fantasizes about unconditionally obedient and compliant children. I’ve talked to enough of you to know this is high on our wish list for Mother’s Day. But no, much of my conversation with my darling offspring seems to be debating relative truth. Why can’t they just accept my word as the final, lock-it-in, don’t-need-to-phone-a-friend truth? I am the mother, after all. Surely that counts for something.

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  • Questions Asked by Singles

    Recently, I sat on a panel where singles could ask questions on any subject. Nothing was off limits. I jotted down some of the questions and thought it might be helpful to share them along with the responses.

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  • Do Your Easter Eggs Talk?

    What a fresh springtime feeling. Yet, it pales in comparison to the true meaning of this time of year, a purpose far beyond the Easter bunny’s floppy ears or yellow and blue plastic eggs.

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God Has More Grace than Mommas

Have you ever had a parenting moment that you wanted to “do-over”? I sure have! It pains me to write this as it is definitely one of the many moments that go down in my “parenting hall of mistakes.” However, each mistake has made me a better person and more like the parent I want to be.

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Purposely Flawed and Preserved for a Plan

No, we are not perfect, but God has a simple way of reminding us that we are worth it. His Holy Spirit whispers in our ear and reminds us that God is our Help and source of strength, even on our worst day.

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3 Must-Have Stamps for Your Passport

Those stamps in my heart’s tiny passport book enable me to connect with other women who are experiencing the same ups and downs in life. Although the specifics may differ for each of us, here are three must-have stamps for every woman. Are they in your heart’s passport?

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