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  • 10 Common Worries of Single Moms

    Worry. Worry. Worry. Sound familiar? Agonizing, vacillating, and stewing takes no effort at all. It seems to come so naturally that without notice, we become comfortably uncomfortable with is vexing. Jesus confirmed that we’d have many reasons to be tempted to worry, but knew more reasons why we shouldn’t. Like termites, it ultimately takes a bite out of our well-being.

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  • ValueTime Day

    The holiday drums up all kind of emotions, doesn’t it? For some, it brings up feelings of rejection and loneliness. Others feel caught in the trap of comparison or jealousy. And who wouldn’t envy the mom with enough spare time to make the adorable, Pinterest-worthy, homemade set of Valentines for her child’s class? This is a holiday that leaves many wanting, and empty.

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  • The Importance of Friendship

    When we’re young, we’re more open to making friends and throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into being with them. There was lots of time – hours and hours to spend goofing off at sleepovers, hanging out at the mall, playing sports, and talking about boys. All that activity builds a close relationship.

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5 Single Mom Dating Tips

When I was a single mother, I wasn’t into the “dating” scene, yet when the time came, I slowly began to get my feet wet. No one gave me any advice. No one shared with me the Do’s and Don’ts. But I don’t want that to happen to you.

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Life is a Ski Hill

There is something majestic as the sky meets earth when you’re on top of a mountain. Breathing in the cool, crisp air and seeing the glory of God displayed in nature, I feel like I can do anything. It’s possible I can do anything.

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Years ago I was challenged to pray about a phrase or word that God would have me meditate on for the year…study and learn from it. Last year I just couldn't get away from it - "Empty." I wanted a different word like, "Joy" or "Thankfulness." Every time I closed my eyes, "Empty" sat heavy on my heart. Last year's January, I had no idea how closely emptiness would follow me, making itself at home in my sadnesses.

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