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  • 3 Must-Have Stamps for Your Passport

    Those stamps in my heart’s tiny passport book enable me to connect with other women who are experiencing the same ups and downs in life. Although the specifics may differ for each of us, here are three must-have stamps for every woman. Are they in your heart’s passport?

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  • I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

    Have you ever started something and realized you were in over your head and wanted to turn around and forget it? I certainly have. Let me encourage you in the fact that we are not alone in where we walk.

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  • Single Mom Facts to Know Before Remarrying

    Often single moms often let their emotions rule their actions. I know when I was a single mom my first unconscious thought was that I needed to find a man to be the father figure in the home. After all, my family was incomplete (so I thought).

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No Other Way

It doesn’t matter what my circumstances were. The drudgery of walking through challenging seasons that threaten to destroy our will to keep going is common to all of us. When our life is marked by chaos, trauma, or unforeseen events—and we can barely put one foot in front of the other—it’s not uncommon to want to hide in a closet somewhere until the storm of life passes.

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Squashed Bugs and Rules

Our children often complain about all of the rules: curfew, cleaning their room, homework finished before they watch TV, asking permission to go play with a friend, notifying us of where they are, and so many more. We provide the boundaries because we are the wise one, the person who understands what can happen.

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10 Common Worries of Single Moms

Worry. Worry. Worry. Sound familiar? Agonizing, vacillating, and stewing takes no effort at all. It seems to come so naturally that without notice, we become comfortably uncomfortable with is vexing. Jesus confirmed that we’d have many reasons to be tempted to worry, but knew more reasons why we shouldn’t. Like termites, it ultimately takes a bite out of our well-being.

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