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  • Estate Planning for the Single Parent

    Estate Planning is much more than just signing a Will. Estate Planning is systematic planning for physical and financial management of yourself and your dependents, in the event of your death or disability. Practically, this means thinking through what you would want to happen if you became disabled or passed away, putting legal documents in place to accomplish those desires, and making sure the right people have access to the appropriate documents and information.

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  • Becoming the CEO of Your Home: Surviving the Holidays

    This one comes a little late as Christmas was a few weeks ago. However, it’s never too late to start. In fact, that’s why I am posting now. January is the time to start! As a single mom, the holidays were a stress factor for me. Every year it seems like there wasn’t enough money to go around and I would forget someone. Over the years, I would have good intentions to start saving early and buying early but it never seemed to work. Some expense always came up. Here are some things I did that really made a huge difference.

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  • Becoming the CEO of Your Home: Ask for a Discount

    If you read my first blog post, “Where it all started,” you have some idea the magnitude of trouble I found myself in financially. After I worked out a food budget and had that marked off my mental checklist, I realized that I must do everything I could to conserve money. The next thing I did was simply ask for discounts.

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  • Becoming the CEO of Your Home: Planning and Budgeting

    More than decade ago, I was suddenly left with an 18 month old baby and my husband’s son from a previous marriage. I was in the midst of closing my seasonal business and knew things were not right with our finances but had no idea to what extent. Until he left.

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