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  • Water is Life

    Parenting is hard. Single parenting gets really hard sometimes, doesn’t it? You can’t afford to let your spiritual body dry out and weaken. Your children need a mom who is hydrated in the Living Water, a woman who is radiant and reflective of the heart of God because she is alive in Him every day, not just when she feels desperate.

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  • Self Care Is Not Selfish

    If we don’t take responsibility for our own self-care, than we most likely will struggle taking care of everything else. The struggle shows up as weight gain, depression, stress, loss of energy, illness and more.

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  • Track Your Dreams & Discover Yourself Again

    We know being a single mother is hard work. There are many blessings that come with parenting alone. Let’s embrace the freedom we have to be the role models we want to be for our kids! As we get caught up in our fast-paced lives we often forget what is we want and how to live a happier, less stressful life. One of the greatest projects I did for my kids was to create a Vision Board. Vision Boarding is a technique that is designed to center our energy on what we want to attract into our life. It gives us a sense of focus.

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  • Lighten Up

    I discovered something last week. I’m a creature of habit and stuck in a rut of doing life the same way every day: I get up. Meet with God. Drink my coffee, along with a nibble of a white-powdered donut. I go to my appointment that’s scheduled for the morning. Write during the day. Run errands. Squeeze in time to see my grandkids (if possible), and sit with Rich at night in front of the fireplace and chat. Go to bed. Get up. Do the same.

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