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Welcome to Equip - the online education center designed specifically for single mothers. Here you'll find articles, podcasts and videos on topics relevant to moms raising children alone. Search by category, media type or author and discover helpful tools for navigating real life. New content is added each week so we invite you to check back often.

Recent Additions

  • Finding True Joy in Struggles

    Pam Kanaly

    Are you waiting for the day when most of your problems are gone? When you enter a better season that’s much more suitable for your “happiness” factor? If you’re like me, for a long time I believed “I’ll be filled with more joy when…” and I had all kinds of ways to complete that line.

    Emotional Wellness
  • Feeling Forgotten

    Markey Motsinger

    Have you ever felt forgotten? You are surrounded by people; yet, you feel like no one can see you, your gifts, or your inner struggling. You are not as alone as you think. At one time or another, we all feel forgotten. There is only one thing that can take away that feeling.

    Emotional Wellness
  • Can Your Heart Come Out and Play?

    Shelley Pulliam

    Friendships play a vital role in our well-being. Learn different types and roles of friends.



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