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  • Love Does Not Mean You Always Make People Happy

    Charles Corbin Humble, MA

    The impulsive need to try to make people happy begins in childhood. As children, we have very simple, black-and-white thinking. If we upset someone, we’re told we did something wrong and we need to go fix it. If we make someone happy, we’re told we’re a good little boy or girl. Perhaps this is even more ingrained in homes where an upset adult may become abusive, so children learn that the best way to protect themselves is to do whatever they can to make the adult happy.

  • Worrymites

    Pam Kanaly

    Worry comes so naturally. Will my children turn out ok? Will I have enough money to buy my kids school supplies? Or what if my circumstances never change? Join Pam Kanaly as she shares some helpful tips to battle the worrymites.

    Emotional Wellness
  • Five Single Mom Mistakes to Avoid

    Pam Kanaly

    Being a single mom can feel like you’re walking through a land minefield. Around every curve lurks the danger of another explosion of some sort. After all, when you’re the cook, the cleaner, the taxi driver, and everything else, there’s lots of room for wise parenting to be overlooked.



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