A Whisper From God

I see you.

I see you single momma,

Trying your best to raise your children,

Hoping they are okay amid their hurts and struggles,

Questioning if you’re enough.


I see you single momma,

Sitting at the table,

Worrying about paying all of the bills,

Praying the noise you heard in the car engine disappears,

Engineering a way to fix the leaking faucet.


I see you single momma,

Folding laundry near midnight,

Packing school lunches,

Cleaning the dinner dishes,

Wishing for some quiet time before your exhausted body hits the mattress.


I see you single momma,

Feeling the weight of all the decisions resting on your shoulders,

Loneliness engulfing you one more evening,

Lying awake as concern about the future races through your mind,

The alarm coming way too soon to awaken you to a new day.


I see you single momma,

Struggling to tell your boss you have to miss work again,

Because the school just called and you have a sick child,

Scheduling all of the doctor and dentist visits,

Overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities.


I see you.

Do you see me?


Do you see me,

In the laughter of your children?

In the messy hugs and sticky finger touches?

In the smiles that warm your heart? 


Do you see me,

In the co-worker who brings you a meal?

In the daycare worker who expresses you’re doing a great job?

In the beautiful sunrise that reminds you today is a new day and all will be okay?


Do you see me?

Do you see how I care about you and your children?

How I desire to strengthen and encourage you?

I walk beside you—reach out and grab my hand.

I will never leave or forsake you.


Do you see me?

I see you.


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Howdy! (A girl from Oklahoma has to use this as her greeting) I’m Shelley Pulliam, executive director of Arise Ministries and former teacher of hormone-filled 8th graders. But my real claim to fame rests in my award as second grade spelling bee champ and my recent gun-handling skills as I train to competition shoot. It helps me be on guard when Satan comes knocking. I’m a voracious reader and can frequently be found at the theater enjoying movie marathons where my record stands at six in one day. I’m a single, never married, who loves to pour into children at every opportunity. Let me know if you have any for sale. You can connect with me on social media. https://www.instagram.com/shelleypulliam/

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