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Do you ever feel unsettled, driven and tossed by circumstances that batter you back and forth? And why is it so easy to feel overwhelmed or unstable about the future?  In this study, Anchored – Hope for Soul – we’re going to strap on our life preservers as we set sail and drop FOUR anchors from God’s Word that promise to steady our journey. We’ll observe the weather forecast - storms ahead - as we navigate through them with renewed purpose. Every sailor knows that before the impact of another ship, they must clear the deck of excess baggage. Got anything weighing you down?  We’ll even throw ourselves off the side of the boat – Help Man Overboard and descend down- down- down into the deep waters of God’s SECRET for peace and joy. Friend, you don’t want to miss this excursion. Come along as we hoist the mainsail. Are you ready? Good.  All Aboard!

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PAM KANALY - Series Author

Pam is the co-founder of Arise Ministries and one of America’s leading advocates for single mothers raising children. She is the author of The Single Mother and Her Rollercoaster Emotions. Pam thrives in empowering and equipping women to live life with intentional purpose in what truly matters.