Apple of His Eye

God is so in love with you. Yes, YOU. And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. It’s impossible to change the way He feels about you. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own drama and chaos, we find ourselves concentrating on the negative things in our lives and we forget one simple truth — He loves us!

From the CEO to the homemaker to the single parent, God sees and loves us all the same. For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope(Jer. 29:11).  Isn’t that good news? He has a plan for our lives and wants us to invite Him in. He is always right beside us every single day and guiding us through every trial and blessing we face. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a day full of meetings, worrying about bills or cleaning up lost Cheerios that got away. God loves to be involved in the small details as well as the big decisions. To know that God is in full control of all outcomes should be of great comfort to us. His love surpasses that of any human.

God wants to protect us. He offers to be our soul’s core, our rock, our foundation. He set the ultimate example for love when He sent His son to die for us. Now that’s what I call love! Not the flimsy love we say we feel when a man shows us a little bit of attention. The love God has for us is simply unmatchable! Where man can make all kinds of empty promises, our God will fulfill each and every one. And as jacked up as we are, He sees our potential and not our flaws. In fact, He loves us despite our flaws. His love is so strong that even when we do trip and fall, we can come out greater —meaning, He uses our flaws. That’s why it’s important to give God full control of our lives. When we let Him take the wheel, we can’t lose. I picture God saying, “Don’t you worry Love, scoot on over, buckle up and let’s do this!”

Keep my commands and live, and my law as the apple of your eye 
Proverbs 7:2

Because we are the apple of His eye, we should show Him just as much respect in keeping Him as the apple of our eye. He is by no means forced to love, care, and protect us. He earnestly wants each of us to prosper in His Will. If only you learned the real reason why that man dumped you, why “something told you” not to walk that way home, or why you took the wrong exit on the highway and it took you 30 minutes to get back on track. If we only could see what He didnt let happen. That’s why we should thank him for blessings seen and unseen. Could we really handle it if we saw the videotape of the unseen?

Love Him back and watch the relationship blossom into something grand. Listen to Him, share with Him, love on Him, trust Him and read His Word. When you do this, a brand new vision of yourself will emerge. When that vision comes, shout for joy because it’s a new day! Close your eyes and feel the kiss of sunlight on your face. You are His love. You can never escape His perfect love, because you are the apple of His eye.

"This article was originally published in Grace Magazine"

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Life Coach, Author and Speaker Kenya S. Ulmer had some ugly drama. Now drama-free, she teaches women how to ditch the drama and distractions to get on the road to their destiny. When she’s not slaying drama she’s playing it. Draped in a gold lame jacket, and pounding rock and roll on her piano, she won first place in a talent competition, singing her rendition of Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls of Fire." Kenya resides in Maryland with her daughter Sydney—queen of the selfie. You can connect with Kenya at

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