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  • Life Is Hard; Trusting God Is Hard

    No one loves hardships. We’d prefer a “happy little family.” But even for families that seem to have that picture-perfect life, it’s temporary because life promises one thing: adversity.

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  • Favorite Traditions to Prepare for Easter

    Easter is especially sacred since it is the time to remember, reflect, and commemorate the sacrifice of Jesus to redeem a lost and depraved world. Here are some favorite traditions to prepare your heart for Easter and implement into your family's holiday.

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  • Giving Kids An Allowance

    It's all a balancing act when it comes to parenting. But when opportunities arise that set your child up for success, we should jump on them. Let's talk about 3 simple, but practical ways to teach kids about money. Keep the perspective that you are training them to be wise with their finances when they leave home. They’ll thank you for it later.

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Happy Birthday, Sara!

As a single mom raising young kids, you have many questions. "How can I lead when I’m a mess myself sometimes?" Or, maybe you just find yourself feeling helpless and hopeless. But you must remember you are never alone.

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One Thing Leads to Another

Piece by piece sin erodes our freedom and we don’t notice the transitions until one day we’ve slipped past the point of who we wanted to be. One thing leads to another, but Christ can help.

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When Thoughts of Suicide Slip In

So what can you do if you are having suicidal thoughts? First of all, know this. There is help. There is hope. Don’t try to go it alone.

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