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  • Building Blocks, Not Detours

    What is God doing in your life? Does he have you spinning in circles? Or is He preparing you for future works? God utilizes all of our experiences to prepare us for what is to come. Will you trust him?

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  • I Vote to Ditch Valentine’s Day

    Valentine's Day drums up all kind of emotions. For some, it brings up feelings of rejection and loneliness. Others feel caught in the trap of comparison or jealousy. This is a holiday that leaves many wanting and empty. Is it possible to survive the day if Cupid hasn’t shot his arrow your way?

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  • Loneliness

    Being single can be a great place, but being single can be a lonely place. Where do you run when the enemy shoots his arrows of loneliness? Hopefully, it's to the feet of Jesus.

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A Single Parent and God’s Valentine Love

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Everywhere we look we see balloons that say “Be Mine,” or candied hearts that engrave, “Hugs.” It can make a person feel less than if she or he doesn’t have a “significant other.” I know when I was a teacher as a single mother, it seemed that the entire faculty had a bouquet of roses waiting in the office for them except me.

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Wise Dating Decisions

Are you wanting to start dating again? Read along as Pam Kanaly shares three questions to ask yourself before you start dating. She also shares a few things that will help lead to a successful second marriage, if that is your goal.

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Preparation Pays Off

Have you ever prepared for something before it happens? The preparation probably didn't make it easier, but it equipped you to handle it better. Life is no different. When life’s challenges entangle us, preparation doesn't magically take the challenge away; it enables you to lift your eyes and behold the beauty of the One who rescues us.

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