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  • You Are Wonder Woman

    Summer arrives with many favorites including blockbusters at the box office. It’s a treat to enjoy a movie on a hot afternoon. Lurking underneath the storyline of many a film lays spiritual truths to be gleaned. Such was the reality as I sat in the theater watching Wonder Woman last week. From the minute the little girl began practicing her kicks, I thought, “This is all about spiritual warfare. This is a representation of how we should be preparing for battle.”

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  • Small Things Matter

    It’s funny how as adults we remember the funniest things about our parents. I remember that when I came home from college, Mother would not take me shopping if I had on jeans. And goodness gracious, she’d tell me I should never marry anyone with a beard or mustache. (Funny…that wish didn’t happen. My first husband had facial hair!) But honestly, my mom was very generous and loved to bless my sister and me with shopping trips to our favorite stores. But one memory about my dad that sticks out to me like it was yesterday was the delight he took over popsicles.

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  • In Over Your Head

    As an avid swimmer, working as a lifeguard at a small neighborhood pool several summers during college was a great blessing. One unexpected result of those years of training might not have been as appreciated by my children. It’s hard to turn the lifeguard “switch” off once you have had it flipped, so the older two could recite the pool rules as if they were etched on the lenses of their goggles!

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Fight the Invisible

When my little boys pretend to fight a battle, it’s usually against one another. The conflict that begins as imaginative, always ends the same way - plastic swords flying through the air, a whack to a brother’s arm, a scream followed by tears and a mouthful of ugly words hurled at the opponent. It wears me out to watch it escalate into a skirmish I’ll be forced to get up and settle…again.

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I Can Be a Content Single Woman?

Singleness – most people consider it a curse. Society places singles in a box wrapped in misperceptions. Many individuals perceive that to be all grown up you must have a good job, be married, and birthed children. If single women haven’t accomplished those steps, then they haven’t reached their full potential or highest calling. We feel we aren’t quite as valuable as our married friends. In circles where marriage seems to be the rite of passage into adulthood, singles are considered developmentally challenged.

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The Single Mother on Father’s Day

Father's Day can bring a mixed bag of sentiments for women. For the mom who's been abandoned, it can stir up feelings of bitterness and frustration. Widows wrestle with sadness over the happy times their children have lost and resentment may creep into the heart of an unwed mom who never walked the aisle. Maybe you had a strong father growing up and you celebrate and honor him on this holiday.

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