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  • 10 Stress Relievers for the Single Mom

    Stress. We all deal with it from time to time, but as a single mom you carry a double load. So what’s a stressed-out mom to do? We can take steps to relieve our edginess—one “bite” at a time. Read along as Pam Kanaly shares 10 ideas that may help you.

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  • Letting Go

    Sometimes letting go comes easy for us, and other times we fight it. Letting go of our children can be difficult, but necessary. This is a season of change for many moms. Do you find you are you holding on to a child you need to release? Read along as Kim Heinecke shares 3 simple thoughts to encourage you as you "let go" of the current season and prepare for what is coming.

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  • School of Patience

    Do you ever feel like your patience is being tested? Read along as Shelley Pulliam shares how the true test of patience lies in persevering, character-building moments. Hard times times teach us valuable lessons about life, ourselves, and the faithfulness of God.

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20 Ways God Says “I love you”

It’s easy to read God’s Word and miss the best part! Sometimes don’t you just need a little squeeze from God? Here are 20 ways that God says, "I love you."

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Parenting is Killing Me

Do you ever feel like you are unqualified to be a mom? Are you drowning in a sea of inadequacy? Sometimes, raising kids can feel like more than you can handle. But maybe parenting isn't as much about the behavior modification of your kids as it is about what God wants to do in YOU as a parent.

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Plugging In

How often do we wait too long to plug into God’s power? How many times do we skip connecting to the real power source and instead keep running on our own power until our tank is empty? We let other things creep in and blot out all time spent with God. Our busyness and tasks take precedence, but that’s when we need to plug in to God the most.

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