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  • One Thing Leads to Another

    Piece by piece sin erodes our freedom and we don’t notice the transitions until one day we’ve slipped past the point of who we wanted to be. One thing leads to another, but Christ can help.

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  • When Thoughts of Suicide Slip In

    So what can you do if you are having suicidal thoughts? First of all, know this. There is help. There is hope. Don’t try to go it alone.

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  • Your Kids Are Not Your Enemy

    Scripture is clear, in this world we are not fighting against people. We have a spiritual enemy set on taking you and me out of the game. And sometimes he uses our kids as his weapons to destroy what God has sanctified.

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Encouraging Generosity In Your Kids

While you still have kids under the roof, instruct them about giving, whether it’s through money, random acts of kindness, or other areas of generosity like taking a baked good to a sick friend. Every child can understand it’s what we sow that multiplies, not what we keep in the barn.

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Building Blocks, Not Detours

What is God doing in your life? Does he have you spinning in circles? Or is He preparing you for future works? God utilizes all of our experiences to prepare us for what is to come. Will you trust him?

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I Vote to Ditch Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day drums up all kind of emotions. For some, it brings up feelings of rejection and loneliness. Others feel caught in the trap of comparison or jealousy. This is a holiday that leaves many wanting and empty. Is it possible to survive the day if Cupid hasn’t shot his arrow your way?

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