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  • We Don’t Reap in the Same Season We Sow

    Are you feeling like all of your efforts in parenting your kids well aren't paying off? Maybe you feel like the wait just isn't worth it? Then read along as Kim Heinecke shares how parenting is much like gardening. We don’t reap in the same season we sow.

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  • 8 Things to Not Abandon in the Technology Age

    In this age we are constantly surrounded by technology, which can be good and bad. Being absorbed in our phones and gadgets 24-7 can leave us disengaged and isolated. Read along as Shelley Pulliam shares 8 things to not abandon in the technology age.

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  • Is the Man You’re Dating Right for You?

    Wouldn't you love it if there was such a thing as a "relationship detector" that could identify problems hiding beneath the surface? As Christians we have a "detector" inside of us—the Holy Spirit. Sometimes His signal is obvious, but we don’t hear it because we’re not listening. So just how do you know if the man you’re dating is right for you? Read along as Pam Kanaly gives you a "metal detector" test for relationships!

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What If There Is No Other Way?

When our life is marked by chaos, trauma, or unforeseen events—and we can barely put one foot in front of the other—it’s not uncommon to want to hide in a closet somewhere until the storm of life passes. These difficult times make us question if we will make it through, but what if there is no other way?

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Can I Be Real?

We are each exceptionally made, molded, and formed by the great Creator for the purpose He has chosen. He asks us to embrace our journey, our personality, our appearance and live a life according to His calling. Let's be real with ourselves and be who God made us to be.

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I Can't Fix It

Are you struggling with things that seem to be out of your control? How are you supposed to overcome what can't be fixed, changed, or reversed? Read along as Pam Kanaly shares about her latest Bible study "I Can't Fix It" and how it will help answer the question, "What is God's job, and what is mine?"

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