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  • I Can Be a Content Single Woman?

    Singleness – most people consider it a curse. Society places singles in a box wrapped in misperceptions. Many individuals perceive that to be all grown up you must have a good job, be married, and birthed children. If single women haven’t accomplished those steps, then they haven’t reached their full potential or highest calling. We feel we aren’t quite as valuable as our married friends. In circles where marriage seems to be the rite of passage into adulthood, singles are considered developmentally challenged.

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  • The Single Mother on Father’s Day

    Father's Day can bring a mixed bag of sentiments for women. For the mom who's been abandoned, it can stir up feelings of bitterness and frustration. Widows wrestle with sadness over the happy times their children have lost and resentment may creep into the heart of an unwed mom who never walked the aisle. Maybe you had a strong father growing up and you celebrate and honor him on this holiday.

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  • Are you a Single Mom Worry Wart?

    Worry comes so naturally. Will my children turn out ok? Will I have enough money to buy my kids school supplies? Or what if my circumstances never change? And on and on we go until our name mysteriously appears in Mr. Belknap’s memoirs.

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Imagining LOVE!

As little girls we read fairytales and believed that all stories had happy endings. For years we had no reason not to think that fairytales always came true. As we grew older, we stepped into relationships with hope, dreaming about falling in love and creating a life filled with the happily-ever-after ending of fairytales.

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Queen of the Cemetery

I strolled the tree lined paths of the small-town cemetery. The same trail I dawdled along many years ago as flower assistant to my grandmother in the ritual of decorating the family plots. Not only memories live among the marked headstones, but my family history dwells beneath the billowing trees.

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15 Fun Things to do for Single Moms and the Children

As a single mom, it’s easy to get stuck in the routine of day-to-day activities. Often you don’t have the brain energy to think of inventive ideas for summertime fun. After all, you’ve just washed ten loads of laundry, driven the kids to soccer practice for the fifth time, and saved the world. Right?

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