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  • Pizza Love

    I wonder sometimes if the way God speaks and shows his love to us doesn’t seem to land in our brains. Maybe the journey he is allowing us to be on is loving, but right now it feels gross. Maybe the quiet he is showing us doesn’t feel as loving as other moments have. Maybe he has been trying to tell us all along that he loves us to pieces, but we just can’t quite comprehend it.

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  • Managing Margin

    As women we try to be super heroes. Our capes encircle our necks as we swoop in to rescue our families, especially our children. We exert so much time, energy, and effort for others that we become depleted, stressed, and overwhelmed. Our lives overflow with so many tasks and duties that we are left without margin.

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  • The Hotel Clerk

    When’s the last time someone shocked you with an ill-mannered comment or flabbergasted you with an unwarranted reprimand? Maybe during traffic? At the office? At a family gathering? For many of us our first “go-to” response might be to bite back, retaliate, show them a thing or two. But maybe we should pause and reevaluate.

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I love this picture! Not sure why? Maybe it’s because it reminds me of ME years ago as a brand new single mother, only I had one child gripping each hand. Can you relate?

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5 Ways To Press On After Failure

There are moments in our life where we’ve all experienced the disappointment or pain from our poor choices or things we’ve done. Maybe we pursued our dreams, but they now lay shattered on the floor. When we mess up it’s hard to forgive ourselves and overcome the guilt or face the ones our actions impacted.

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The Cliff Walk

God calls us to a path and we must decide to join him. It may begin easily with great views but then it grows more difficult. It’s hard and we are weak at times, scared or anxious during certain portions, yet we summon our strength and take the next step. Have you been a journey like this before?

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