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  • Taste and See

    We can reason, argue, and resort to logic to explain that God is good, but when all is said and done, we must taste and see for ourselves. It’s only when His love and presence touch our hearts can we really know Him. But what does "taste and see" really mean?

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  • 3 Reasons To Be Grateful When You Don't Feel Like It

    Many might think that being a thankful person is noteworthy, but it’s not that big of a deal. Or is it? The journey to becoming a person filled with gratitude is hard work, but worth it. The benefits of a grateful heart remain endless.

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  • The Shabby Lawn Furniture at My Thanksgiving Table

    What does your Thanksgiving Day look like? Are your circumstances sitting in scruffy lawn furniture or mahogany wing-backed chairs? Whatever the case, this day has a unique purpose, one that is not useless, but rather useful in God’s economy and timing. Therefore, we can enter into the Thanksgiving season with a grateful heart.

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Drop The Mask

You may have them too—emotional camouflage and cover-ups that hide what’s on the inside. It’s possible you’ve worn them so long you don’t realize you’re still hidden behind the façade. The only way to throw off the disguise once and for all is to remember we can’t reflect the glory of God while wearing a mask.

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Eyes Up

God the Father, through the sacrifice of his Son and the empowerment of his Spirit, gives us everything we need to get through the problems of living on this earth. As teammates in this parenting journey, we must remember to encourage one another to always look to Him.

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Kick the Can

The enemy would like nothing better than for us to remain isolated by the fear of what lies beyond. He wants us to believe we can’t follow our course or that we’re not good enough to race with abandon. But Christ has given us freedom.

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