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  • Steeple Chaser

    What do you think about when you see a church steeple? Your childhood? Hurts from past churches? The people of God? It's more than all those things. Christ doesn't dwell in a building with a steeple on top.

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  • Overcoming Fear When It Feels Impossible

    A person fears when he faces people or circumstances that have the ability to control them, or even in the most severe case like Margy, murder us for goodness sake! Maybe as a single mom you haven’t been kidnapped by a serial killer, but you’ve faced financial fear or the ‘well-being of my child’ fear or the ‘what am I going to do’ fear.

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  • Piece By Piece

    Do you desire to live in your purpose? Wishing to be free to roam? What parts of you hold you back? What pieces need to be put together again?

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3 Tips For Moms Of Adult Children

Whether you are the biological mother or an adopted mother, your child leaves the nest after high school and all of a sudden your role forever changes where “mothering” takes on a new purpose. So how can we best aid our children in their increasing capacity of taking on adult responsibilities?

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Are You A Curling Parent

Our job as parents is to guide, teach, direct, and yes, discipline. If we don’t train our children, then how will they learn what’s needed to thrive as an adult as they navigate life?

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Mom Guilt Is Real

Mom guilt. Have you ever felt it? It’s a mom’s feeling of failure in certain areas, where expectations were placed there by others or herself, making her feel like she’s fallen short somehow. It’s toxic. It’s real. It hurts.

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