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  • Who Is Sitting on Your Buddy Bench?

    The years I spent as an elementary teacher performing my required playground duty, I was always saddened by the children who lacked a playmate. The one solitary figure who didn’t seem to have a place to fit, a friend to toss the ball to or race across the playground.

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  • Train Up Your Child

    We've all heard "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it:. But how excatly do we "train up a child?" It's complex, it's intense, it's painful...but it's worth it. Take some time. Prepare. Plan. Listen. Observe and then do it.

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  • What Needs To Be Left Behind?

    Much of our ability to thrive depends on the debris we let go of when life does not go the way we had planned. Maybe we ought to ask ourselves what "trash" we have that needs to be left behind.

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What Did You Learn?

Are you ready to say goodbye to a disappointing 2020? Surely, in the nine months of adversity we learned something that was worth being kept and applied. What lessons did you learn from this year that you should carry with you into 2021?

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’Twas Almost Christmas

A Christmas Poem For Single Moms

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A Gift For Jesus

What if your family doesn’t look like what you dreamed of as a child? What if it’s just you and your children and times are tough? Do you establish traditions or pack away that yearning and tuck it on a shelf? This year maybe consider a different twist on giving.

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