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  • Play Defense

    Moms, are we playing enough defense in our parenting? Are we stopping the enemy from getting too close to the minds of our children? I wonder, how would my kids’ spiritual lives be different if my passion and energy to lead them in God’s Truth were as strong as my passion to wave a big foam finger and ring a cowbell every Friday night? I need to be more intentional about protecting what I love – the hearts of my children. The enemy is in pursuit and aims to gain ground on his opponents. It’s our job to help provide defense against the attacks.

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  • Refine Me Like a Rock

    Being a follower of Christ doesn’t remove all trials; it provides the help and guidance to endure the trials. Every difficulty has a purpose whether to grow you spiritually, teach a lesson, or increase your dependability on God. No sorrow is ever wasted.

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  • Discovering True Joy in Struggles

    Are you waiting for the day when most of your problems are gone? When you enter a better season that’s much more suitable for your “happiness” factor? If you’re like me, for a long time I believed “I’ll be filled with more joy when…” and I had all kinds of ways to complete that line.

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If I Did Not Know Your Name

Teaching scripture to our children within the context of everyday life is the best way to make it “stick.” I’m always watching for an opportune moment to make the Word of God real to my boys with practical application. On the afternoon they began arguing over routine household chores, I knew the time was right for a teachable moment.

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Navigating Your Children through Friend Problems

When your child's friend is mean to them, do you want to just square off and hit them? Where in God's Word do you find a story that can help you as a parent navigate them safely through the offense? You'll find the answer right here. Enjoy!

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What are Your Last Moments

Every day memories are priceless. We get caught up in the struggles, responsibilities, and daily grind and fail to look around and cherish the last times. Each day holds a moment that will never be recaptured.

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