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  • The Best Pay-It-Forward Story Ever

    There’s probably not a single one of us who doesn’t have warm fuzzies when we hear a heartwarming “Pay It Forward” story. This one will make you smile, and hopefully inspire you to pay-it-forward too.

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  • Three Things Every Child Needs

    Parents want to provide every possible convenience and trinket to their children, believing it will make them happy. Of course, we all know children can thrive without the fancy toys or latest fashion trend, but children truly cannot excel without these three things.

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  • Want to Teach Your Kids Responsibility?

    Do you have your children help with chores around the house? These tasks not only help kids feel a sens of contributing, but they will help you out too! Pam Kanaly shares the benefits of chores and what tasks children of all ages can do!

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Sin Behaves Like a Raccoon

Sometimes our sin can seem harmless. We protect and feed thoughts that could grow into something dangerous to us. But what happens when our sin overpowers our will to walk away? Someone gets hurt. Sometimes it's us; sometimes it's our children. But in every situation, this pain could have been avoided if we hadn't chased the forbidden.

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The Importance of Reinforcement Recognition

We all have a deep desire for people to “get us.” We love it when they perceive how we’re wired and interact with us in a way that says, “I see you, I recognize your talents, and I love your personality.” Your children possess the same desire for you to respond to them according to the way God created them and praise them for their attributes.

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Are You Living in a Locust Season?

Many of us have experienced the “locust seasons” of life. A season that strip us of the good crop—what we most desire: a happy complete family, well-balanced children, or a promising career. It’s easy to believe that while in those “locust seasons” God has forgotten us, but He hasn't!

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