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  • More Than A Vacation

    When my boys were three and nine years old, I read an article about the value of giving children experiences over material things. I was a single mom who was not able to shower my kids with material items, so I felt like vacations were for sure out of the picture. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head though.

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  • God Is Our Helper

    When trouble comes do you lean into God or depend on your own strength? God wants to be our helper even in the pesky little details of everyday life. Can you keep your eyes focused on God and not on your difficulty today?

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  • Strength to My Weary Heart

    Sometimes we are merely surviving and get lost in the swirling chaos of life. If your heart is weary, take comfort in knowing that God is the only one in control and his plan is perfect.

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Creating An Army

Need help raising your children? You're are not alone. We are not raising children; we are raising men and women. We must show our children what it looks like to grow up and be good. We need to be adamant about surrounding our children with trusted adults who are on the same page as we are.

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Stick To Your Guns

Being a parent is difficult. Being a consistent parent is even more difficult. But there is a hefty price to pay for the alternative.

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Mel’s Book Review of - Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys

For nine years I raised my two little boys alone as a single mom. I knew one day these two stinky little boys would grow up to be men, and that terrified me. One of the greatest resources I found on my journey was a book called Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys. This book is unique as it breaks up the age groups and allows you to read the section that your boy is currently in. And although it’s about raising boys, we can all learn from the following quote. I remember underlining this little paragraph with tears in my eyes.

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