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  • Handling Our Expectations

    Being a mom is a hard job. But often time the problem is not so much with our children, as it is with US. How are you handling your expectations with your older children? Misplaced expectations will eventually catch up with us, but there are a few things you CAN expect with your children.

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  • Mother’s Day Boot Camp

    Mother’s Day Boot Camp began many years ago. My sons were very small, and instead of moping around feeling sorry for myself that no husband was around to take them shopping or demand they leave me alone for an uninterrupted nap, I elected to teach them how to honor me (and other important women in their lives) on Mother’s Day.

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  • What’s Your Security?

    What are you trusting to be your safety net? Which life preserver do you cling to when the waters rise and the waves crash around you? As you shuffle your way along life’s path, what do you grasp to try to keep you safe?

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Life Is Hard; Trusting God Is Hard

No one loves hardships. We’d prefer a “happy little family.” But even for families that seem to have that picture-perfect life, it’s temporary because life promises one thing: adversity.

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Favorite Traditions to Prepare for Easter

Easter is especially sacred since it is the time to remember, reflect, and commemorate the sacrifice of Jesus to redeem a lost and depraved world. Here are some favorite traditions to prepare your heart for Easter and implement into your family's holiday.

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Giving Kids An Allowance

It's all a balancing act when it comes to parenting. But when opportunities arise that set your child up for success, we should jump on them. Let's talk about 3 simple, but practical ways to teach kids about money. Keep the perspective that you are training them to be wise with their finances when they leave home. They’ll thank you for it later.

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