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  • Riding with God

    Just as a small child rides safely tucked in his mom’s cart at the grocery store, we should trustingly travel with God as we journey down the aisles of our life. He knows best what needs to be placed in our cart and which items we need to pass by and leave on the shelves.

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  • A Second Marriage Success

    I’d like to summarize what I most want single moms to know about dating again and second marriages - facts no one ever told me. So buckle up. Here’s the truth about dating, uniting two families together and the key to making it work.

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  • The Importance of Reinforcement Recognition

    We all have a deep desire for people to “get us.” We love it when they perceive how we’re wired and interact with us in a way that says, “I see you, I recognize your talents, and I love your personality.” Your children possess the same desire for you to respond to them according to the way God created them and praise them for their attributes.

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Unexpected God Surprises

How many prayers have you prayed that haven’t been answered yet? How many requests have you laid before the throne and then moved on, forgetting you had deposited them at your Savior’s feet? How often has God moved in a way you never expected? Have you ever been totally surprised by something God did and you just had to sit in amazement and grin? I can answer all of those questions with one personal experience story.

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An Invitation to the Thrive Gathering

I believe God brings people and organizations into our paths to strengthen us in our life journey. At Arise Ministries, we exist to empower single moms to not only create healthy homes but to create healthy mamas. I remember one day as a single mom sitting on my back porch crying, wishing someone knew the stress and aloneness I was feeling. I just needed someone to come alongside and rejuvenate that weary soul of mine. Maybe that memory is the catalyst that birthed not only Arise Ministries but our annual single mom THRIVE conference.

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Give Joy To Get Joy

Can someone explain to me why skateboards don’t have brakes? I’ve always tried to be a student of my children. When they’re interested in something, I become interested in that something. Over the years I’ve learned more than I ever wanted about Pokémon, Japanese dogs, rock climbing, and all sorts of random things. Recently, my youngest son, Jax, has decided he wants to be a professional skateboarder. My son looks at a skateboard and gets excited about all the new things he can learn. I, on the other hand, look at that piece of wood placed on top of those four tiny wheels and ask, “Where are the brakes?”

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