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  • Preparation Pays Off

    Have you ever prepared for something before it happens? The preparation probably didn't make it easier, but it equipped you to handle it better. Life is no different. When life’s challenges entangle us, preparation doesn't magically take the challenge away; it enables you to lift your eyes and behold the beauty of the One who rescues us.

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  • Surrendered Dreams

    Are you holding on to something you’ve always wanted and desired? Are you clinging to a dream? What if it's not what God wants for you? How do you drop the baggage you’re carrying and travel the road toward God’s destination?

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  • 15 Questions to Consider for a Jesus-Filled New Year

    The beginning of a new year is a great time to “consider our ways” and move toward significant positive changes for the best. Here are a few questions worth considering to keep you on that path. Post them somewhere so you can see them and make this a year of great spiritual growth!

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If Your Holiday Was Not Wonderful

Culture paints a lovely, fairytale-like picture of the holiday season, doesn’t it? Children dressed in matching outfits, sipping hot chocolate by a fire, opening a mountain of gifts in an orderly fashion while happy moms and dads watch with peaceful smiles. No unkind word escapes anyone’s lips and no one dreams of fighting with a sibling.

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New Year's Goals

We believe we’re supposed to make New Year's resolutions. It’s a tradition on January 1. Friends, family and co-workers ask about them. So, why do we make the effort to write down a few things we are not really determined to do?

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Reflections of Christmas

Our focus of Christmas isn't always what it should be. Can we pause and consider looking at this year through a different lens? Mary's lens. And let us ponder and treasure this season in our heart.

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