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  • Train Up Your Child

    We've all heard "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it:. But how excatly do we "train up a child?" It's complex, it's intense, it's painful...but it's worth it. Take some time. Prepare. Plan. Listen. Observe and then do it.

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  • Sin Is Welcome Here

    We all experience sin, and there becomes a moment in all our children's lives where they discover that deadly reality. But how we handle that moment of depravity sets in motion a lifelong journey. Will you choose to make it a learning experience or a shame-filled struggle?

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  • Thankful

    Maybe you’re in a season where your life shows no hope of growth or beauty. In Colossians chapter three Paul brings us to an understanding of thankfulness in an interesting way. Will you see the beauty in this season?

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  • Drop Your Stones

    We all know there are power in our words. As women and moms we are often our worst counsel. We don't need others hurtful words because we are usually the ones beating ourselves up. What if we had a different perspective, a grace-fill Jesus perspective before we face our next trial.

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  • Good Grief

    Is there really such a thing as good grief? YES! Is it always good? No, but there is always some freedom hiding inside "good grief."

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