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  • What is Your Plymouth Rock?

    What is my symbol of the miracles He has wrought in my life? I stood there for a long while citing my milestones. I remembered how His hand of protection covered me, how He solved insurmountable problems, how His touch healed me, how He established Arise Ministries from a seed of a dream to a full-fledged realization, and how He moved mountains to allow me to relinquish my career in education and enter full-time ministry.

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  • Perfection in an imperfect world

    In a perfect world, every child would have a loving, godly mother and father living in the same house with them, complete with sweet lullabies and kind platitudes. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world. Sometimes, women have to pick up the reigns and do the best we can.

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  • Estate Planning for the Single Parent

    Estate Planning is much more than just signing a Will. Estate Planning is systematic planning for physical and financial management of yourself and your dependents, in the event of your death or disability. Practically, this means thinking through what you would want to happen if you became disabled or passed away, putting legal documents in place to accomplish those desires, and making sure the right people have access to the appropriate documents and information.

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  • How to Persevere Past the Potholes - Third Part

    Perils cover a wide range of issues in the life of a single mom. Some are personal to each individual single mom, others the common everyday stuff all mothers face.

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  • When Burnout is a Blessing

    Friend, burnout is God’s back-up plan to break our busyness and offer the blessing of His presence. As a single mom, daughter, worker, and active church member, these things bring a lot of busyness that can lead to burnout.

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