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  • 5 Single Mom Dating Tips

    When I was a single mother, I wasn’t into the “dating” scene, yet when the time came, I slowly began to get my feet wet. No one gave me any advice. No one shared with me the Do’s and Don’ts. But I don’t want that to happen to you.

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  • Restored: Ungodly Soul Ties

    An ungodly soul-tie is the deep bond that develops between people through an unhealthy relationship leading to addictive, manipulative, or even violent behavior. These ties keep us in bondage and hinder us from experiencing the fullness of God. Are you involved in an "ungodly soul-tie"?

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  • LIGHTEN UP - (unpacking heavy emotions)

    For years my ‘this’ as a single mother was a concoction of anger, mixed with a cup of fear and two tablespoons of resentment. I still loved my former husband. And just when I thought I was getting over him, he’d pick up the kids for the weekend. I’d melt the second I laid eyes on him. Then all of my heartaches would spiral out of control once again.

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    I found myself fighting the desire to accept this move. I believed God was leading me to downsize but He wasn’t making it easy! The house didn’t sell the first time we put it on the market, and showing a house several times a week with FIVE kids living in it was beyond hard! Keeping an immaculate show-ready home was NOT normal for us

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  • The Baptist Nun

    I am a chosen instrument of God.” To be single indicates I’ve been set apart for His purposes. I have received an extraordinary calling that not everyone accepts or endures. If my Savior can remain single to do the will of the Father, then so can I

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  • The End Doesn’t Mean It’s Over

    My road to becoming a single mom involved me losing my home, closing my business and the man I loved no longer accepting my love. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t even recognize myself. I thought my role as a wife defined who I was.

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