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  • 5 Reasons to Start Journaling This Year

    Journaling for me was a way to write out my feelings: the good, bad and the UGLY. Over time the act of journaling went from a necessity, to a habit, until FINALLY it became a hobby. Yes, a hobby!

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  • Water is Life

    Parenting is hard. Single parenting gets really hard sometimes, doesn’t it? You can’t afford to let your spiritual body dry out and weaken. Your children need a mom who is hydrated in the Living Water, a woman who is radiant and reflective of the heart of God.

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  • Lighten Up

    I discovered something last week. I’m a creature of habit and stuck in a rut of doing life the same way every day. As a single mom it is so easy to do this! But it's your turn to have a ME night.

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