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Welcome to Equip - the online education center designed specifically for single mothers. Here you'll find articles, podcasts and videos on topics relevant to moms raising children alone. Search by category, media type or author and discover helpful tools for navigating real life. New content is added each week so we invite you to check back often.

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  • Stabilizing YourSELF: Single Parent Advice You'll Hear Nowhere Else

    Dr. Talley

    As a single parent, how do you raise well-adjusted children while stabilizing yourSELF? Join Dr. Jim Talley, licensed marriage and family therapist and international author and single parent expert, as he shares keys to emotional and spiritual wholeness. In this five part series, you’ll hear practical advice you’ll find nowhere else.

    Emotional Wellness
  • Dealing with Emotions

    LaTara Bussey

    Emotional wellness is a concept many of us hear about and even think we exhibit. For many years I thought I was emotionally “well.” After all, I was a grown woman with two children. My emotions had to have matured as I matured physically, right? Wrong! Through some major ups and downs, I discovered that we have to work at becoming emotionally mature. It doesn’t just happen. I learned that lesson the hard way. Be encouraged as you listen, and let me share how you can stay on the path to emotional good health.

    Emotional Wellness
  • Journey to Healing and Forgiveness

    Cyndi Schatzman

    Have you ever felt guilt, shame, pain, or embarrassment over a situation or choice you can’t ever repair? If the shadow of something in your past seems to be following you, join Cyndi Schatzman as she shares her authentic and emotionally real journey of healing and forgiveness. The steps and principles she shares in her post-abortive story can be applied in any situation where remorse, guilt, and pain overwhelm the human heart.

    Emotional Wellness


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