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Welcome to Equip - the online education center designed specifically for single mothers. Here you'll find articles, podcasts and videos on topics relevant to moms raising children alone. Search by category, media type or author and discover helpful tools for navigating real life. New content is added each week so we invite you to check back often.

Recent Additions

  • Steer Clear of Unhealthy or Abusive Relationships

    Paula McDade

    Have you been dealing with a relationship you know just isn't right? Being in unhealthy or even abusive relationships is not what God wants for any of us! Join Paula McDade as she shares her story and offers encouragement for you in your situation. You aren't alone, and you can get help. All you have to do is reach out.

  • Decide to Choose Joy

    Candace Payne and Pam Kanaly

    Have you noticed? Life is difficult! Then how is it possible to have joy in all things like Jesus commanded? Join Candace Payne, Chewbacca mom, whose Facebook Live video became the most viewed Facebook Live video to date. You’ll be encouraged that no matter what, it is possible to choose joy over doom and gloom. But how? Listen to find out and discover that joy is actually a decision of your will!

    Emotional Wellness
  • Making Wise Decisions Through the Messy and the Mundane

    Leslie Word

    As a single mom, you juggle so much! You make decisions on a daily basis, ranging from what to have for dinner to the really tough decisions you never wanted or planned on making. Join Leslie Word as she shares insight on how to make wise decisions through a messy and mundane life.



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