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Welcome to Equip - the online education center designed specifically for single mothers. Here you'll find articles, podcasts and videos on topics relevant to moms raising children alone. Search by category, media type or author and discover helpful tools for navigating real life. New content is added each week so we invite you to check back often.

Recent Additions

  • Wrestling with Unforgiveness

    Pam Kanaly & Kim Heinecke

    Are you wrestling with unforgiveness? Perhaps you’re seeking forgiveness for yourself or holding onto bitterness toward someone else. What does it mean to forgive without excusing bad behavior? Join Pam Kanaly and Kim Heinecke as they talk about how to extend forgiveness, and examine the reasons why offering forgiveness is critical in the life Christ-followers.

    Emotional Wellness
  • How to Study God’s Word 101

    Natalie Witcher

    Wanting to dive into the Word more, but can't find the time or drive? Here's the thing, the Word of God is alive and can do a work in you whether you have 10 minutes or two hours. And it doesn’t matter if you’re using a print Bible or one on your phone. He is faithful to you and to His Word in you. Start here with some easy tips to get you into the Word.

    Spiritual Growth
  • Four Ways to Cultivate a Clean Slate

    Pam Kanaly & Kim Heinecke

    Are you excited about starting a new year? How can we begin refreshed and with a clean slate for success? It begins with examining your conscious and letting God reframe your past. Join Pam Kanaly and Kim Heinecke as they discuss four key factors for letting go of the past and moving into a new beginning.

    Emotional Wellness


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