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Welcome to Equip - the online education center designed specifically for single mothers. Here you'll find articles, podcasts and videos on topics relevant to moms raising children alone. Search by category, media type or author and discover helpful tools for navigating real life. New content is added each week so we invite you to check back often.

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  • Christmas Holiday Traditions

    Pam Kanaly & Kim Heinecke

    Spice up your holiday season with unique and meaningful family traditions! Join Pam Kanaly and Kim Heinecke to discover how you can teach your kids biblical truths while creating memories to last a lifetime. Celebrate the season with simple activities that connect the story of Christ to the hearts of your children.

  • Where Do You Find Your Identity?

    Anna Light

    How do you see yourself? Do you see what Christ sees, or what the world sees? Join Anna Light, author of In_Security: Break Free From What Holds You Back, as she shares how your identity is founded in Jesus and that is the only thing that can define you.

    Spiritual Growth
  • Consistency Is Key

    Tiffany Cooper

    As a single mom, it can be overwhelming to think about incorporating consistency in your child's life. But consistency is so important in many aspects of your child's life. Join Tiffany Cooper as she shares why this discipline is so important and useful tips on how to incorporate it daily.



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