Wrestling with Unforgiveness

Are you wrestling with unforgiveness? Perhaps you’re seeking forgiveness for yourself or holding onto bitterness toward someone else. What does it mean to forgive without excusing bad behavior? Join Pam Kanaly and Kim Heinecke as they talk about how to extend forgiveness, and examine the reasons why offering forgiveness is critical in the life Christ-followers.

Podcast Highlights

4:10 - Why do we need to forgive?

8:30 - What forgiveness is NOT

9:30 - What IS forgiveness?

13:50 - Praying for the person who hurt you

15:30 - What it looks like to carry unforgiveness

17:00 - Dangers of unforgiveness

21:00 - Forgiving yourself

25:50 - Encouragement from The Single Mom and Her Rollercoaster Emotions