Fight Like a Mom

March 24 – April 14 , 2019 | Delivered to your email inbox, Sundays @ 5pm

Raising kids to follow Jesus takes a lot of hard, intentional work.  We’re desperate for something that promises if we just do this and this then our kids will love God and love His people and never experience a crisis of faith.  It doesn’t work that way, does it?  What can we do to set our kids on the best path toward an intimate relationship with God and prepare them to stand strong in life’s battles?  The war for their devotion is real.  We can’t make the choice for our kids, but we can take our place on the battlefield and lead them toward the One who rescues us.  Join this 4-week series and discover practical steps to equipping your children in the war of their lives. It’s time to fight like a mom. 

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KIM HEINECKE - Series Author
Kim serves as the Director of Operations with Arise Ministries and coordinates the online Bible study content. As a former single mom, she uses her life experiences and personal spiritual growth through studying God’s Word to encourage women.