Kim Heinecke

Kim Heinecke

Kim Heinecke is a former single mother using her personal testimony of God’s provision, healing and restoration to encourage others in their journey of raising children alone. She has discovered the only thing that brings true joy – living a redeemed life with the Master of the Unexpected, Jesus.

She is passionate about encouraging moms to be intentional in their pursuit of Christ and teaching them how to lead their children to the heart of God. Kim’s talks are built from personal experiences in which the Father has taught her of His everlasting love, His perfect leading, and His faithfulness. Using the Word of God and real life examples about life as a single mom, raising four kids and her favorite girlfriends, her humorous and transparent delivery connects her heart to yours. Kim leaves you with practical takeaways for everyday chaotic life!

Kim is on staff with Arise Ministries and has led various small group studies, women’s retreats and is a favorite speaker at Survive ‘N’ Thrive, Arise Ministries’ statewide single mothers’ conference.  She is also one of the featured speakers on the single mothers’ Bible study curriculum, Emerge.  From Edmond, Oklahoma, Kim and her husband are raising four adventurous sons to be followers of Christ.

Speaking Topics

  • Hope Does Not Disappoint

    Scripture says we will all have trouble in this life. When life throws you a curve ball, how do you handle it? Do you crumble under the pressure of the unexpected or if you bend your knee and lift your head toward the Master of the Unexpected and put your hope in Him? Through Kim's personal testimony, you'll discover 3 powerful truths about HOPE to refocus your perspective and give you joy for the journey.

  • Legacy of Faith: Live It to Leave It

    Above any material possession, our faith in Christ is the greatest inheritance we pass on to others -- but we can't lead people to a place we've never been. How does your life point those around you to the heart of God?  A look into Exodus 2 shows us essential disciplines for cultivating a legacy of faith. Live it today so you can leave it tomorrow!

  • What’s in the Well Comes Up in the Bucket

    As a parent, our most important responsibility is to lead our children to the heart of God.  Sometimes that can seem a bit intimidating and overwhelming.  Where do we start? How do we do it? In this session, you’ll gain insight to nurturing a child’s spiritual development – at any age. Learn practical ways to connect the reality of the world in which we live with the unchanging truth of God’s Word. Discover four key thoughts that will empower you to make the most of every opportunity to share biblical principles that will leave a lasting impression on your children.

  • The Intentional Family

    Traditions are a treasured way to strengthen your family identity and create lasting memories. They hold a family together, providing a sense of security and comfort for kids of all ages. From birthdays to holidays to all the little things in between, learn how to establish family traditions that are simple, fun and grounded in the truth of God’s Word.  Find out the most important family tradition every single mother must have!

  • Stiletto Heels On A Gravel Road

    Stiletto Heels On A Gravel Road Without warning and without notice, thousands of women are thrust into the sisterhood of women raising children alone. How can you walk the difficult road of abandonment? The Father has some beautiful promises to the broken and lonely. Discover how you can find joy in your circumstance as God heals your heart and claims it for his own.

  • No Ordinary Child

    In Hebrews we are told Moses’ parents described him as “no ordinary child.” Did they know who he would become? Did they know he would be extraordinary for the Kingdom of God? As parents, we have a unique privilege to speak blessings into the lives of our children and encourage the very best in them. Explore the power of bestowing blessings to your children and learn to see them as the Father does - as no ordinary child!

  • It’s a Plunderful Life

    Life certainly has plenty of battles, doesn’t it? It seems at every turn the enemy is setting an ambush, hoping to take us into captivity. When we surrender our trials and battles to God and let him fight for us, we can rest knowing we will be victorious. Enjoy a fresh outlook on the battles we face and be encouraged to know we will plunder the enemy in the wake of God’s victory in our lives.


  • Creative wit, adorable charm and just a downright funny gal is what you’ll hear when Kim Heinecke speaks. Her desire to dive deep into God’s Word in order to share biblical truths with her audience is what’s at the core of her being. She is no stranger to hardship but hasn’t let that take her out of the game. Chances are strong that you’ll laugh and cry at the same time when you hear Kim’s Holy Spirit-inspired message.

    Cindy Beall
    Author of Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken