Pam Kanaly

Pam Kanaly

"Top 50 Women Making a Difference" 2016 - The Oklahoma Journal Record

National Mother of Achievement - 2015 - Washington, DC

Oklahoma Mother Making a Difference - 2015 - nominated by Governor Mary Fallin

Edmond, Oklahoma, Woman of the Year - 2015

Pam Kanaly, speaker and former radio and national television talk show co-host, brims with passion in bringing the Word of God to life.  As co-founder of Arise Ministries, a national nonprofit 501(c)(3), Pam pioneered the first-ever regional single mothers’ conference in America, Survive ‘N’ Thrive, empowering thousands of mothers around the world raising children alone.

As a popular author, Pam’s latest book - The Single Mom and Her Rollercoaster Emotions – leads single moms on the journey of finding emotional wholeness, spiritual strength, and full-powered joy.

As residents of Edmond, Oklahoma, Pam and her husband Rich share a blended family of four adult children and spouses; yet, her fondest title remains Grammy Pammy to nine grandchildren. Pam's life moto fits her well: LET IT SHINE!


  • Advocate for single mothers to select members of Congress in Washington, DC,
  • Guest on the 700 Club, TBN, God Answers Prayer
  • Partner with LifeWay Conference Centers in hosting women’s events
  • Former Bible teacher for over nine years to over 250 women


Speaking Topics

  • Let Your Light Shine

    Since childhood, we have enjoyed the preschool tune, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” Why do we love those words? It’s because as followers of Christ, we were created in the image of our heavenly Father, and because He is light, singing about the glow enhances warmth on the inside. Yet all too often, we find ourselves caught up in daily tasks where our light grows dim. Join Pam as she shares why being a light set on a hill was at the top of Jesus’ “To Do” list. Donna from Cherokee, Oklahoma, shared, “This was exactly what I needed. I’m convinced that my light matters.” (Topic: stimulating, thought-provoking, entertaining)

  • Lovin’ His Love Letter

    Energize your affection for God’s Word by discovering innovative tips in personalizing your Bible, His Love Letter. Pam shares how to make your Bible a prized heirloom. One woman commented, “If a gal didn’t walk away from Pam’s talk ready to start a fresh documented walk with her Lord, then I don’t know what else it would have taken to light her fire. We were all taking notes like crazy!” (Topic: entertaining, creative)

  • Our Emotions – Getting them on our Side

    As women, we all have emotions. But they can’t always be trusted in revealing what is true. As moms, we parent all day long, so why can’t we “parent” our emotions. Pam shares how the difficult emotions of fear, anger, guilt (and more) can be transformed into practicing God’s presence, offering forgiveness, and abounding in grace. Through God’s power, we can manage our emotions so they don’t manage us. (Topic: humorous, insightful)

  • Rollin’ in Your Role

    Whether married, a single mother, a grandmother, a caretaker of parents, or single never married, we’ve been assigned a God-allowed role: maybe permanent or temporary, but distinctly permitted by God. How can we learn to maximize our circumstances, make a positive impression, and all the while give God glory? Let Pam uncover eight purposes in our roles. You’ll find stamina to persevere with grace and charm. (Topic: restorative, hopeful)

  • Yes, YOU: a World Class Encourager!

    Sometimes you're the giver, and sometimes you're the receiver. What is Christlike encouragement? Barnabas received worldwide fame throughout the pages of scripture as an expert in the area of blessing others. What did he do to receive such a reputation? How can you make a difference in those on your radar screen? Discover with Pam four keys that enhance your purpose as an influencer. (Topic: revitalizing, endearing)

  • It's Teatime

    Having a ladies tea? Luncheon? For centuries women have enjoyed the practice of sharing tea-a time to gather together for a delightful time of fellowship, friendship, and a fresh word from God. You are a teacup, assigned with a divine purpose, and God wants to fill it with the flavor of His presence, desiring an intimate "teatime" with you. Discover with Pam practical insight in how to enhance your relationship with Christ. (Topic: creative, enjoyable)

  • Celebrating the Value of YOU

    When you think of God, what do you envision Him doing? Holding the universe in perfect balance? Judging evil? But do you ever think of Him as one who delights? Discover with Pam a refreshing perspective by putting on the Father's eyes and seeing yourself the way He sees you. You’ll leave lovin’ the real you. Taken from Pam’s book: Will the Real Me Please Stand Up - (Topic: awe-inspiring, insightful)

  • You Matter!

    How can you be a difference maker in your home, workplace, family? What does it look like to generate a positive ripple in your sphere of influence? Walk in the prestige of the Almighty and become a woman of potency and a dynamic blessing in the lives of those around you. Discover foundational keys in building a contagious legacy that swells into the next generation. (Topic: thought provoking, convincing)

  • Living Large With Jesus

    It's a busy world, a busy life, a busy family. So much to do: cook, clean, carpool. How does anyone carry out their responsibilities with grace and charm? Step with Pam into the pages of Scripture and glean from Mary and Martha and the impact of sitting at Jesus’ feet and worshiping Him. Discover how the practice of these two disciplines bubbles up a spirit-generated life. (Topic: inspirational, memorable)

  • Energized and Lovin’ It

    You might think there’s only one of you, but there’s two because the Holy Spirit lives IN you. By discovering who the Holy Spirit is and what He does, you’ll recapture zest in your walk with Christ.Do you recognize the Holy Spirit’s fingerprints in your day? Do you know the difference between His voice and yours? Discover biblical truths that enhance a Spirit-filled life. Come face to face with the Holy Spirit; He’s a blast to know. (Topic: humorous, charming)

  • Igniting Your Fellowship with the Father

    Need a spark in igniting your communion with God? Because we are made in His image, we’ve been invested with a flair of creativity in how to enhance our friendship. Learn from Pam inventive ways to increase your love affair with Jesus, not only in your Quiet Time but in a lifestyle that promotes unity with God all day long. Step out of the mundane. Take ahold of a fun fun fun interaction with Him. (Topic: pleasurable, light-hearted)

  • What’s ‘THE PROMISE’ For? (marriage)

    Today’s culture devalues the Judeo - Christian idea of wives honoring their husbands. “Who me? Encourage him?” Often the initial words of the marriage promise “I DO – I WILL” quickly slip into “I DON’T – I WON’T.” Go on a journey with Pam and uncover five truths that encourage every wife’s attitude toward the gift of her spouse. You’ll leave this message ready to install fresh vigor back into “THE PROMISE.” (Topic: informational, practical)


  • Pam Kanaly, a gifted communicator who combines a sense of humor, biblical principles, and practical applications, I highly recommend this lady!

    Carol Kent
    Speaker, Author - Unquenchable, President, Speak Up Speaker Services
  • Pam Kanaly has a passion for women, especially single moms like none other! The Lord has called her to champion their faith on their unique journey. Her messages are Biblical, practical, interactive, funny and spiritually beneficial to women of all ages and stages of life.

    Debbie Stuart
    Former Church Leadership and Development Director - Women of Faith; Director of Ministry Initiatives - Hope for the Heart with June Hunt
  • When Pam teaches, lives are changed. She’s a speaker you'll want to have back again and again.

    Marge Lenow
    Women’s Ministry Director, Bellevue Baptist Memphis, Tennessee