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Arise Ministries has a podcast just for single moms! Join us on The Single Momcast as we have candid conversations about topics relevant to you.

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Recent Episodes

Encouragement in Failure

What Student Pastors Want Parents to Know with Kennedy Turner & Sterling Shanks

Do You Pray With Your Children by Author Cindy Branton

Managing Expectations

Older Episodes

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  • The Truth About Christmas: Part 1 With Traci Nyberg
  • When Teenagers Doubt Their Faith
  • 5 Do's and Don'ts with Your Adult Children
  • Real Talk About Communication
  • When Kids Behave Recklessly
  • Thinking Positive When Everything is Negative
  • Why do we have to wait?
  • How can I discern God's will?
  • A Conversation About Prayer
  • A Candid Talk About Racism
  • Talking about Pornography with Kids
  • Trash Talking Dad
  • Single Mom Book List
  • Identifying and Parenting Special Needs
  • Managing Out-of-Control Emotions
  • How Do Your Kids Know You Love Them?
  • Fitness Made Easy
  • Are Your Holidays Stressful?
  • Are You Grateful or Grumpy?
  • How Do You Influence Children?
  • My Child Wants to Live with Dad
  • What Are Common Concerns Single Mothers Face?
  • How to Pray When Nothing Changes
  • How to Walk Away from a Painful Past
  • Kids Need to Hear the Same Message from Different Voices
  • Can God Use the Unusable?
  • How Important is Male Community for My Children?
  • Mothers Make A Difference
  • How to Let Go of What I Can't Control
  • How to Live a Life of Simplicity and Frugality
  • Why Should I Practice Self-Care?
  • Wrestling with Unforgiveness
  • Four Ways to Cultivate a Clean Slate
  • Simple and Meaningful Holiday Traditions
  • The Art of Thanksgiving
  • Rising Above
  • Why Should I Journal?
  • 7 Tips to Help You Keep Your Cool
  • Decide to Choose Joy
  • When He Leaves
  • Helping Your Child Deal with Divorce
  • Breaking Free of the Victim Mentality
  • Make Going Back to School Easier
  • What About Dating
  • Raising Your Children to Know Christ
  • Raising Girls
  • Grieving the Loss of a Husband
  • How to Be Consistent
  • Overcoming a Spirit of Lack
  • The Power of the "Selfie" Called Self-Control
  • 14 Things Every Single Mom Should Know
  • Teenage Rebellion
  • Kids and Money
  • 5 Things Children Need
  • The Value of Friendship
  • Prescription for Small Groups
  • Raising Godly Boys
  • Living By God's Vision
  • 5 Things for Single Moms
  • Co-Parenting
  • Stewardship
  • Raising Girls - Rick Johnson
  • How Can I Teach My Children Responsibility?
  • Taste and See that the Lord is Good
  • 4 Easy Ideas to Help You Achieve True Financial Freedom
  • How to Make Fitness Part of Your Life
  • Successful Parenting Styles
  • Budgeting
  • God's a Blast to Know: Discover Him Through Journaling