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Seek - Bible Study Journal


Seek, a reflective Bible study journal, is designed specifically for single moms. Formatted with content on topics that are relevant and practical for women raising children alone, this journal is practical and personal. The journal is an easy-to-use guide for your personal Bible study time, providing you with an effective method for connecting the truth of God’s Word to your everyday life.  Study related scripture passages, record your observations, and reflect on how you can implement the principles in your family. Each week includes a devotional thought that speaks to the heart of a single mother.  Space is provided to journal your prayers in response to the scriptures and a weekly section for recording prayer requests. Utilize the twelve weeks of scriptures provided and continue your study with eight weeks on your own. Explore topics such as Worth, Disappointment, Rising Above, and more. We invite you to discover the joy of a pursuit of Christ through God’s Word.




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