Out of Shelley’s own battle with self-worth comes a fiery, humorous, and endearing message of one’s identity in Christ:  that we are each accepted, loved, and valuable!  She knows the cry of women’s hearts in wrestling with the bondage of self-worth and the cage of weight control. Through her book Keys to Unlocking the Cage, Shelley shares her own struggles as she offers tips to breaking free from captivity to embrace our identity in Christ.

Shelley connects with any audience, communicating through wit, humor and authenticity.  She uses the combination of her passion and her gift of teaching to make relevant applications pertinent to women’s lives.  Her ministry is one of discovery: discovering yourself, discovering your purpose, and most importantly, discovering Christ.  With honesty and transparency, Shelley leads women to the heart of God.

As a speaker, she has partnered with LifeWay and The Navigators for regional conferences.  Shelley is a certified behavior consultant, served as a Fellow with the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., and shared the stage with Lisa Harper, Kathy Troccoli, Sandi Patty, and Lisa Whelchel.  Shelley served as co-chair of Governor Mary Fallin’s inaugural prayer service, was appointed to the Employee Assistance Program Council, and in 2013 honored as one of four finalists for Edmond Woman of the Year.

Shelley’s expertise as a middle school educator and her innovative teaching methods have been recognized with numerous awards including teacher of the year and national outstanding teacher in the area of Holocaust education.  As a single, never married, Shelley devotes her time to Arise Ministries, a nonprofit ministry she co-founded to educate and encourage women to develop a relationship with Christ.


Speaking Topics

  • Setting the Captives Free

    Low self-worth plagues 80% of women!  They feel enslaved by inferiority, sin, and failure, not realizing that Christ set them free on the Cross.  Shelley passionately shares her personal testimony of freedom from the cage of poor self-worth to the comfort of thriving in our identity in Christ.  We can live a life of freedom, one transformed from bondage to victory.

  • Surrendered Dreams

    Deep within each of us lives a dream, something we long for so desperately that it often consumes us.  God instills dreams with the intent of total surrender.  By laying our hopes and ambitions at the feet of Jesus, we can accept God's providence for our life.  Shelley reveals the steps that lead to total surrender.

  • Can Your Heart Come Out and Play?

    We often hide behind our walls and busy lives devoting little time to developing friendships, unaware that the greatest gift we can give ourselves is to open our heart to others and build godly relationships.  Embark on a journey to discover how to create cherished, lifelong friendships.

  • Voice of the Lord

    The Lord, forever reigning from His throne, wields complete control.  A simple utterance and His voice resonates power that echoes through our lives.  Psalm 29 wonderfully illustrates the strength residing in the voice of the Lord.  What can His voice accomplish in your life?  How can you hear it?  How do you recognize it?  How can you learn to trust it?  Shelley provides insight into the power of God unleashed through His voice.

  • Defining Moments: Your Milestones with God

    The people of God have used stones in various ways throughout His Word.  Stones were used for ordinary purposes as well as for documenting the mighty hand of God in commemorating a remarkable event.  A stone slew a giant.  A monument of stone reminded future generations of the parting of the Jordan River.  A stone pillow became an altar of the Lord’s presence.  Shelley helps individuals examine their lives to identify God working at significant times, recognizing His movement in everyday circumstances.

  • Set Apart, Not Set Aside

    Many singles believe they must struggle through life under a stigma of failure or rejection, living with a feeling of incompleteness. That was never God's intent.  As unmarried Christians we need to change our focus and excel in the unique plan God has determined for us.  Shelley challenges her audience to embrace singleness and take full advantage of the God-given privileges of being single.

  • God's Blueprint

    God sketched a blueprint for your life, drawing and designing you to complete His good pleasure.  He assigned your personality type and spiritual gifts to equip you for your purpose on earth.  Through an insightful and humorous study of DISC, Shelley uncovers the four personality types and teaches you to value yourself and others.  DISC serves as a springboard to self-discovery that leads each individual to develop an appreciation for their distinctive creation as they embrace who God created them to be.

  • Strike the Match! Rekindling Your Flame

    How do you stay passionate about your relationship with Christ?  What can be done when the flame of excitement dwindles?  In your chaotic world, winds from life's circumstances bluster and extinguish your zeal and desire.  Shelley shares six ways to strike the match to relight a yearning for an intimate encounter with God.  You will be refreshed, renewed and rekindled.

  • On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

    Are you aware that your Christian life is a race that requires training and spiritual discipline?  Have you identified your track, audience, finish line, coach, and running mates?  How do you learn to run to accomplish God’s purposes for your life?  Shelley explores the different aspects of a race that will help believers cross the finish line to hear God say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


  • Shelley ministered in meaningful ways to our ladies, not only in the conference presentation, but in her willingness to speak with each of them individually and to share so personally from her own life experiences.

    Barbara MacPeek
    Layton Hills Baptist Church, Utah
  • Shelley's illustrations and methods of communicating the Gospel were dead-on accurate. She will bless you and do one thing exceedingly well - bring you closer to Jesus!

    Ted Burden
    Singles' Pastor, Missouri
  • Shelley has an amazing command of words. Her messages are inspiring, truthful, stirring, and encouraging. The application of both Shelley's words and her life compel all of us to live to a higher standard.

    Marcia Newkirk
    Pastor’s Wife, Henderson Hills Baptist Church, Oklahoma
  • Shelley is an awesome speaker!  She holds your attention by incorporating personal stories that everyone can relate to; she uses visual aids to assist in making her points; she really knows how to get to the heart of matters.

    Lisa Palmer
    New Life Foursquare Gospel Church, Kansas