The Top Five Most Read Blogs of 2016

2016 was amazing! Curl up and enjoy our top 5 most read blogs!
1.The Day my Life Changed Forever - Dena Johnson
2.Restored: Ungodly Soul Ties - Kenya Ulmer
3. The Baptist Nun - Shelley Pulliam
4. Are you Doing Single Motherhood Alone? - Pam Kanaly
5. From One Woman to Another - Sara Hall 

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Your “WILL” and “WILL NOT” List for the Holidays

Here’s something that might be helpful for moms walking through the joys and challenges of the holiday season. Why not draw up a “Ten Commandments” rulebook in what you “will” and “will not” allow? After all, we can predict how we handle the future by what we create today.

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Keep Going

Do you ever feel like all the emotions ever hit at once...usually around the holidays? You're not alone. There’s a sisterhood of women raising children by themselves that dreamed of something different this holiday season. If that is you, trust that your circumstance is not a surprise to God.

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What’s Your Plymouth Rock?

Although Plymouth Rock inspires us with sentiments of the love of our country, God’s milestones should arouse us to an overwhelming admiration and devotion to the King of Kings. But where do we begin? Start today by considering all the mighty deeds he's done in your life.

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