Thoughtful: What are you thinking?

April 11 – May 02 , 2021 |

A note from Ashley Engle:

“Thoughtful” is a study I wrote to help you gain control of your thought life.  In times of uncertainty and stress, (hello 2021!) it’s easy for thoughts to spiral out of control.   Together, we’ll look at what it means to have the “mind of Christ “as well as some practical steps you can take to think “beyond” your circumstances.  Whether you’ve known Jesus for a long time, a short time or you’re still unsure about him- you are welcome here!  Let’s go! 




Week 1 Study Questions: 

For Individuals PDF  |   Online

For Groups PDF  



Week 2 Study Questions: 

For Individuals PDF  |   Online

For Groups PDF  



Ashley and her husband Jeff have three kids: two sons, ages 10 and 12, and one daughter, aged 7. She is a full-time seminary student, but in the past has worked in the museum world, in television, as a teacher, and in ministry.  In her spare time (should she ever have any), she enjoys reading and writing, eating good food with friends and family, studying the Enneagram, and exploring new places.