Top 10 Staff Picks of 2015

2015 was amazing!  So we asked our staff, “What were your favorite Arise Ministries’ blogs last year?” And here’s what they chose. 
1. I Can be a Content Single Woman - Shelley Pulliam 
2. Restored Ungodly Soul Ties - Kenya Ulmer 
3. Play the Defense - Kim Heinecke
4. God has More Grace than Mommas - Natalie Mott
5. Leave Everything Better than you Found it - Shelley Pulliam 
6. Self Preservation Isn't Selfish - Suzy Stauffer
7. Needing Wisdom as a Single Mom? - Pam Kanaly 
8. Fight the Invisible - Kim Heinecke
9. It is Well - Sarah Rodriquez
10. A Mother's Bible - Kim Heinecke


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