Unshackled: Escape the Grip of Insecurity

January 13 , 2019 | Archived from 2019

Insecurity is a universal struggle, but it's also a secret struggle. We don’t want to be open about our insecurities, so we keep them to ourselves, hiding them in the dark. Whether it’s self-doubt, negative thoughts, body image issues, pain from your past, or social anxiety, insecurity holds us back from the person God created us to be. This series examines how to unlock the grip of lies, unlock the fear of what others think, unlock the power of the truth, and finally, unlock the strength of our identity. We have far too much purpose in this life to be held back from insecurity. Join us, and together we'll learn how to live Unshackled


Session 1: Unlocking the Grip of Lies
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Session 2: Unlocking the Fear of Others
Study Questions - PDF  |  Online 

Session 3: Unlocking the Power of Truth
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Session 4: Unlocking the Strength of Identity
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Anna LightAnna Light, author of In_Security: Break Free from what Holds You Back, is a wife, mother, and writer with a heart to help women find freedom from what holds them back. She aims to help women live life with a confident passion, firmly grounded in the Truth of God's Word. As a former youth pastor at Life.Church, she now ministers at home to her husband and two young children.  Anna is the co-host of the popular Axispodcast - Encouraging you to fight for your mind, your body, and your soul.