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Category: Finances

  • Should I Rent or Buy?

    Should you consider buying a house or continue renting? Jill Castilla, President and CEO of Citizens Bank of Edmond, explains the home buying process and gives you insight on the right decision for you and your family.

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  • Financial Literacy for Kids

    The concepts of financial literacy are important to learn from a young age. How can you teach strong financial principles for a sustainable future to your children? Jill Castilla offers some valuable resources to guide you in teaching your children about managing money.

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  • Thrifting

    Clothes shopping can really eat up your budget! Emery Clark suggests thrift store shopping as a major money saver and shares six tips on how to get the most bang for your buck at your local thrift stores. Thrifting is good for the environment, community, and your pocket book! So take the plunge and try shopping at a local thrift store this week.

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  • Tips to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill

    Are you wanting to save money on your groceries? Join Sarah Roe, previous single mom, as she shares tips on how to do just that. From shopping based off of the sale flyer to clipping coupons, these tricks will help cut your grocery bill!

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  • 3 Easy Ways to Manage Your Money

    Does your money sitiation seem overwhelming right now? Sarah Roe, business owner and former single mom, shares tips on getting started with a budget. She'll help you look at this in a new light and figure out where you can make cuts and also negotiations.

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