Using Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom ID: 171-348-730

We use Zoom Cloud Meetings as a platform for hosting video web conferencing.  In order to join a meeting, you must have access to the Zoom app through an internet enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet, or using your computer.  Follow the instructions below to access your online meeting.

NOTE: For the best performance, please make sure your internet connection is strong.  We recommend turning off other devices that could use internet bandwidth during your Zoom experience (phones, tablets, other video streaming programs such as YouTube or Netflix).


From your computer, go to Click on Join a Meeting at the top right corner. Allow the application to install. Follow the prompts to enter the meeting. It is NOT necessary to sign up for an account to join this video chat session.  Our meeting ID is 171-348-730.




From your apps store, download Zoom Cloud Meetings.   It's a free app that looks like this.  Once the app is installed, click Join a Meeting in the lower right corner. It is NOT necessary to sign up for an account to join this video chat session. Our meeting ID is 171-348-730.

Note: On a mobile phone you will only see the person speaking. You will not be able to see the gallery of attendees. Your conference experience may be better using a tablet or computer.